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There are
people with the name

Steve Lewis
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


Can you believe it?

There are so many Steve Lewis' out there that I decided to create www.SteveLewis.net as well as the site http://www.steve.lewis.name

I've met many Steve Lewis' on the internet. I actually received mail from a different Bob Lewis (my brothers name) to a different Steve Lewis (his brothers name). We actually wrote a long time before we realized that we weren't brothers.  I guess it's when he said "give my love to Kathy and the kids". My wife's name isn't Kathy, and I don't have any kids.

Anyway I thought it would be nice for all Steve Lewis' to leave a message on this site telling all of us about each other. I'm the Steve Lewis from Hazlet, New Jersey. After all we are all brothers (one way or another).

I don't have much up here yet but I intend to make this site real robust. In the meantime if you want to be listed then put in a comment on the comment page for all to see. Please be tasteful. In the future I'd like to put pictures and links to your web sites here. For now, leave a comment, feedback or send me email address and/or any other information about yourself (HTML pages are welcome) and I'll put it on a page for all to see. Eventually I intend to have some search features for Steve Lewis'. 

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Some Pictures I've taken

  • Come take a look a the weather where I live in beautiful downtown Hazlet, New Jersey.


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